Our Process

We’ve developed a formula for managing staff events that works best for our clients. We know the best staff to assign to your job, how to give them the briefing they need, and to ensure we are there to check things along the way for a smooth running event.

phone-icon_03   1. REQUEST STAFF

Send us details of the event or campaign you require staff for – no event is too complex, and we can work to short time frames if required.

We manage staff selection to save you time, matching staff from our pool to the requirements of your event, with the right level of experience for each role. Knowing our staff better than anyone, we know who will be best for your job – without you having to advertise, interview, or hire – reducing overall staffing costs. All staff have been interviewed one-on-one by our Staffing Manager, and have been through our Induction (H&S) and Training prior to starting work.


We liaise with selected staff for your event and ensure they are fully briefed – where they need to arrive, by what time, what they need to where, what their role will be, and the approach they need to take for the required representation of your brand.

Our Staffing Manager then sends you details of staff who have been briefed for your event.

payment_03   3. EVENT SUCCESS

We have a robust system in place to send your staff updates at any time should things change.
And a staffing manager/senior staff member will assist with staff check in, and swiftly deal with anything that may arise, so you can focus your attention elsewhere.

Our processes are proven, and that’s why we have a track record of successful events. Having ensured your event received the right calibre of staff, you may then decide to employ staff permanently.